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NEW Arizona DUI Law Changes

Criminal Status: (1) while a license is suspended, canceled, refused, revoked or restricted (2) a third DUI in 7 years (84 months).

Jail DUI: Extreme DUI 30 –45 days Minimum.

Jail Costs: As much as $200 a day for the first day and $50-$70 for each day thereafter.

Arizona License Suspension: Instead of Extreme DUI – one year Drug (legal Rx or illegal drugs) and just leave out extreme DUI.

Vehicle Impound: Yes, for extreme DUI, second offense DUI, Driving on a Suspended License, Aggravated DUI, Underage DUI. Arizona DUI Fines & Sentencing When faced with an Arizona DUI arrest and/or conviction, there are several issues to think about: Will you have to serve jail time? If so, for how long? Or is probation a possibility? What will you owe in fines? Will your license be suspended, and for how long? Will you have to go to a DUI school or do community service? Here are the basic laws regarding Arizona DUI fines and sentencing.

First Arizona DUI Offense: Criminal Status: Class 1 misdemeanor. Aggravated DUI elevates criminal status to a felony. An aggravated DUI is a DUI (impaired, per se or extreme) that is committed: (1) on a suspended, revoked or canceled license; (2) a third DUI offense in 5 years; or (3) while a person under 15 is in the vehicle.

Jail: DUI: 1-10 days. Extreme DUI: 10-30 days. Aggravated DUI: Terms in prison vary depending on violation.

Arizona DUI Fines/Costs: Minimum $250 (plus $500 for the prison construction fund and $500 for the state general fund).

-Extreme DUI: Least $250 (plus $250 DUI assessment, $1,000 for the prison construction fund, and another $1000 for the state general fund)

-Aggravated DUI: Minimum $750 (plus $250 DUI assessment and $1,500 for the prison construction fund and $1,500 for the state general fund).

Jail costs: An 80% surcharge on the base fine is levied on each DUI offense.

Arizona License Suspension: DUI: 90 days. Extreme DUI: 1 year. If aggravated DUI, license revoked for 3 years.

Arizona Probation DUI: Up to 5 years (informal, may not be supervised). Aggravated DUI: 10 years.

Vehicle Impound: Yes, for extreme DUI and aggravated DUI. BEWARE OF NEW DUI LAW EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 26, 2008! There will no longer be any "Suspended Sentences" after the statutory minimums for first offense "Extreme DUI" or an "Extreme DUI" with any prior DUI in the preceding 84 months. After September 26, 2008, if you are convicted of a first offense "Extreme DUI," you will serve a minimum of 30 days straight time with no days suspended and a minimum of 60 days straight time with no days suspended for an "Extreme DUI" with a prior in the preceding 84 months. ACT NOW! You CAN win any DUI case with the right lawyers on your side. Call us today for a free, telephonic consultation.